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Shot Lister

Mobile shot listing made easy.

Our client Zach Lipovsky, a brilliant young entrepreneurial Film Director, was dissatisfied with the current paper-based shot listing process (shot listing is the name given to scheduling activities on the movie set). He wanted to use iOS and Android mobile technology to bring shot listing into the digital age. What Zach needed was greater flexibility and a vastly increased functionality along with a good monetization model.

We tackled it all.

In order to empower as many users as possible on the device of their preference the Shot Lister app was developed on iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Mac OS, and Windows giving it a wide appeal for users on all platforms.


Modernizing Movie Production

Some of the challenges that our customer faced included:

  • Creating and editing shot lists with ease
  • Compatibility with industry-accepted screenplay file formats
  • Synchronizing crew members’ devices on set without using a server
  • Managing the current schedule and keeping it up to date with the touch of a finger
  • Alerting stakeholders when the schedule is in danger of getting off track

Shot Lister also needed to figure out quickly how to generate recurring revenue to properly monetize this business opportunity, and to be able to provide his customers support for years to come.

Engaging Users In The Process

We worked with Shot Lister proposing various solutions to server-less sharing such as email attachments, and later Dropbox integration. We also brought up the monetization challenge, recommending that certain features be provided to heavy users for a periodic subscription, creating a recurring revenue model.
We discussed the need to provide a large base of beta testing. The feedback of almost 80 enthusiastic directors using the pre-release versions of the app on their movie set helped shape the product, and is to-date still the number one driver of new features for the app.

Shot Lister
Shot Lister

Ongoing Feedback Loop

As with all great products and services, keeping a finger on the pulse of the customer is paramount so we implemented the Shot Lister analytics engine. The statistics collected are a great tool for understanding how the app is used, where and by whom.

The result of all our hard work.

Shot Lister became the de-facto standard within the movie industry in just under 18 months and has continued its steady growth over the three years since launch. Keeping up with the demands of large scale movie production means the product is in a constant state of evolution and requires dedication to gathering user feedback and quickly turning that feedback into new features with the help of Dynamic Leap.

“I have worked with Dynamic Leap Technology over the past 2 years on our Shot Lister app and highly recommend them and their team if you are looking for a development company.”
– Sharon Bliss, Producer at Reel Apps Inc. (Vancouver, Canada)

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