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Getting the healthcare industry out of ICU.

Healthcare professionals are routinely required to take photos of their patients to seek out advice from other doctors or colleagues regarding specific patient cases they are seeing in the clinic. Until now there was no formalized or secure way to do this. Dynamic Leap was approached to help bring the concept of secure patient photo sharing to life while also creating an internal social network for the healthcare professionals to easily reach out to.

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Pulling the Band-Aid off for healthcare professionals.

Changing the way doctors are currently gathering and sharing patient information was no easy task. The ShareSmart app had to be extremely easy to use, very secure, and provide a phenomenal user experience. The experience created is now changing the clinic environment by allowing healthcare professionals to form private and secure social networks of their peers allowing them to share sensitive patient photos in a reliable manner and discuss the findings via the app. The new manner of communication is transforming the speed at which doctors can share and discuss ultimately providing greater care to their patients.

A healthy diagnosis for the future of healthcare communication.


Security At Its Core

Cutting edge cloud technology and app design means high performance and tight security. All data remains on secure, in-country servers.


Encrypted Chat

Collaborate with verified health professionals and share clinical photos efficiently with peace of mind about security and privacy.


Smart Contact List

Smart sorting of the contacts list allows the user to easily find the patient or colleague they are looking for in order to share information.

“One of the Five Best Health Care Apps of 2016.”
~ Engadget

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