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Through devices and secure technology that people use everyday, FreshGrade provides the tools to allow teachers to become effective educators without adding more to your to-do list.


What’s happening at school?

Every parent has experienced the same conversation with their child upon their return home from school. Parent: “How was school? What did you learn today?” Child: “I don’t know.” Or, “I don’t remember.” The FreshGrade app changes this dead-end conversation into a more meaningful and engaging experience by connecting teachers with parents via the app to share some of the key moments and learnings of the day. Now when the school day conversation arises parents already have insight into what the day looked like and can ask the kids direct questions about what they have seen, allowing their children to expand on the experience by leading the discussion from the start.

Capture, Communicate and Access Learning.


Rich Media Learning Moments

Capture learning moments through video, pictures, audio, and notes. Tag individuals, groups, or the whole class.


Push Notifications

Teachers can send push notifications to inform parents and students when the ePortfolio has been updated or when to view a quick learning highlight.


Focused Teaching

Activities can be developed and assigned to both groups and individuals to support individual learning needs.

“Meet the “Facebook” For Students, Teachers and Parents.”
– Fox Business News

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