If you're considering investing in a mobile app for your business, you're already moving toward better customer engagement and a great new strategy that can help you to promote your products and services. But for most business owners, developing a custom app may not seem like the best possible use of their time and money. Does your business really need a mobile app? What's the point of creating an app? Here are just five great reasons why creating a mobile app could be the best business decision you make this year.

1. An App Helps You Maintain Constant Market Visibility

In today's modern age, the average person sees over five thousand advertisements every day. Attention spans are also getting shorter, which means you have less of an opportunity to engage with your prospects now than ever before. If you want your brand to stay at the forefront of people's minds, you need to get heard above the noise. You need to make sure your target market can clearly see you. That's where a mobile app works absolute wonders.

Consumers are using mobile devices now more than ever. According to advertising platform Flurry, the average American consumer uses their mobile device for two hours every single day. That means if you have a mobile app, your target market will be exposed to your brand for an additional two hours every day. Even if they don't use the app, they'll still have to scroll past it to get to what they want – which means they'll still see your brand, whether consciously or not. And every impression or encounter they have with your brand endears them to your business just a little bit more.

2. It Provides a Direct Connection to Potential New Customers

Having your own branded app also makes it easier to connect with new customers and present them with sales offers. Thanks to analytics tracking data, you can measure your users' behaviour and respond accordingly. You can know how often they open your app, how long they keep the app open, what in-app content they view most frequently, and in some cases, what actions they take upon leaving the app. And that means you can provide them with the perfect information and the perfect offers at the perfect time.

With an app, you can easily ensure that your users have all of the information you want them to have, and by enabling push notifications, you can alert users to new deals as they come up. It's essentially like having a salesperson with the prospect all of the time, but in a far less intrusive way.

3. You Can Add Value to Interactions and Create Better Customer Experiences

Although a mobile app can be a great way to boost sales, it doesn't just have to be an advertising platform. It can also help you to create a much more valuable, more satisfying user experience. You can create your app to have great features that make your customers' lives easier or keep them informed regarding things they care about. Lots of retailers are now using app-based loyalty systems as a way to augment or replace points cards. Others are using apps to create branded content that users love. Creating a rich and inviting atmosphere for your potential new customers – an atmosphere that gets the sale – starts with a great experience, and now, you can create that experience with an app. That means you can create fantastic experiences for a vast number of customers at the same time with just one tool.

4. An App Gives Your Prospects More Ways to Reach Out

It doesn't matter what industry you're in or what you sell. If your potential new clients or customers don't have a convenient way to reach out to you, they won't think twice about your business. The harder it is to contact you, the less inclined your prospects will be to get in touch – and every prospect has his own preferred way of communicating.

That's why it's important now more than ever to provide prospects with as many ways to get in touch as possible. You can't possibly know which prospects will like which methods of contact, which is why you can't limit the ways by which your audience can reach out to you. A mobile app allows your customers to communicate with you via text, which is great for those who prefer written communication. When you let your customers contact you in the manner of their choice, they're more likely to reach out.

5. Small Business or Specialty Business? Use an App to Stand Out from the Crowd and Compete with Larger Businesses

If you're running a small business or if you operate in a niche industry, an app is a great way to make your business stand out. Few small businesses would invest the time and money into creating an app, which is why right now, it's just the major chains that are creating apps. But if you can create an engaging and useful app for your smaller business, you can edge out ahead of the competition by providing a convenience that your competitors can't. The same is true if you operate a specialty business in a niche industry. In smaller industries where competition is tough, anything you can do to boost your brand value and create a better experience for your audience will help you to stand out. With a well-designed and easy-to-use mobile app, you can provide your audience with extra value that will differentiate you as a clear winner.

Lots of businesses large and small are now seeing the value of mobile apps. A well-designed and well thought out mobile app can help you to engage with your customer base, improve your business' visibility, and add value to your brand. It's also a great way to start competing with larger businesses and show your potential new customers that you 'get' them. An app that provides something of real value to your audience is a fantastic investment that, in today's modern mobile era, businesses increasingly cannot do without.

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