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Dynamic Leap Mural

Check Out Our New Digs!

Dynamic Leap has moved offices. In addition to our awesome new mural by artist Stewart Mackenzie, an amazing hipster frog, and our snazzy new boardroom, we are loving our new location right in the middle of downtown Vancouver. We are also happy to be hosting a number of community groups that are doing such great

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UI/UX Design Tools

Design tools – What are the emerging tools of the trade?

With the proliferation of mobile apps and the rising expectations of mobile consumers, great user experience design is essential to the success of any app. The role of the User Experience Designer has been rapidly evolving. The discipline is becoming more mature as people continuously strive to understand and craft intuitive and engaging user experiences.

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Why Designing Your App for Usability is Essential

If you’re creating a mobile app, it’s critical that you use your initial design phase to create a usable product. Your app design phase is a sensitive stage in your app’s development – and getting it right the first time around can set you up for success. But if you fail to deliver a usable

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