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ViDIA meetup

ViDIA Meetup Feb 16, 2017: Re-cap

We were pleased to inaugurate the event space in our new office last night with the fantastic folks from the ViDIA Meetup group. The approximately 60+ people in attendance feasted on pizza (we ordered double by mistake), did some networking, and heard from some fantastic speakers. A recap of the night: Felipe Peña spoke on

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The end of 32-bit apps

The Coming App Extinction with iOS 11

The coming release of iOS 11 is now expected to end support and emulation for many of the 32-bit classic iPhone apps that led the ecosystem to its current success.   Apple recently released Beta builds of iOS 10.3 which generate an ominous warning to users of certain apps that “This app will not work

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Financial Services Mobile Apps

The Mobile Movement in Financial Services

With everything seemingly going mobile these days, mobile apps for the financial services sector is certainly the hippest kid at the party. Fintech’s spin as the belle of the ball started after the financial crash that occurred globally in 2007. The crash prompted venture capitalist firms to start pouring large investments into the sector hoping

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